It is our utmost delight and pleasure at Jericho Resorts Village to take charge of arranging your special moments and celebrations. For long years we have served our family with love and care, treating their beginnings and milestones as if they’re our own. A staff that is highly energetic and loyal to happiness and pleasure will be leading the task of organizing your events, so they turn out to be better than what you’ve been dreaming of.

Let us make your dreams come true!

JRV- Jericho resorts village- wedding services

We are fully aware of how much you value your moments and put so much thought and focus on planning them so they turn out to be the best way imaginable, but too much details may divert your attention and tire your brain, THAT’S WHY WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Allow us to take full control of managing your dream moment and relax yourselves. Whether you’re thinking of a big party with all your friends and relatives or a small occasion tightly focused on your loved ones, we’ve got it covered!

Check out our options for your events:

Wedding on the big pool

(300-500) Pax

Wedding on the small pool

(150-250) Pax

We proudly provide our wedding and party services in a package that is suitable for all your needs, this package was developed throughout years of event management and experience with all occasions and their requirements.

Here is what you can expect from us to provide to satisfy your needs:

  • Full and wellrounded catering service (tables & chairs with cover)
  • A premium hotel suite for one night
  • Providing substanital and plesant tasting meals (Seated Menu or Buffet)
  • All other arrangements and needs can be discussed and managed

Contact us and let's make your special moments a reality.

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