Business services

No good outcome came from a bad meeting

It is our utmost delight and pleasure at Jericho Resorts Village to take charge of arranging your special business moments. For long years we have served our family with love and care, treating their events and milestones as if they’re our own. A staff that is highly energetic and loyal to craftmanship and professionalism will be leading the task of organizing your events, so they exceed your expectations.

Let us do business together!

We are fully aware of how important your business events and meetings are, and how essential the effort you put in your trainings and workshops for your colleagues and employees, and your conventions are highly vital to your progress and advancement, THAT’S WHY WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Allow us to take full control of managing your events and meetings.

Check out our options for your events, meetings, and workshops:

Al Andalus Hall

105 m2

60- 70 Pax (Theater style)

40- 45 Pax (Round Table)

30- 35 Pax (U-Shape)

Al- Diwan Hall

250 m2

150- 170 Pax (Theater style)

100- 120 Pax (Round Table)

55- 65 Pax (U-Shape)

Hisham Palace Hall


400 m2

280- 300 Pax (Theater style)

250- 270 Pax (Round Table)

N\A (U-Shape)

Dead Sea Hall

180 m2

110- 130 Pax (Theater style)

70- 80 Pax (Round Table)

45- 55 Pax (U-Shape)

Elisha Spring Hall

118 m2

60- 80 Pax (Theater style)

50- 60 Pax (Round Table)

35- 45 Pax (U-Shape)

Jordan Valley Hall

42 m2

25- 35 Pax (Theater style)

20- 25 Pax (Round Table)

20- 25 Pax (U-Shape)

Mount of Temptation

42 m2

25- 35 Pax (Theater style)

20- 25 Pax (Round Table)

20- 25 Pax (U-Shape)

Jericho Hall

20 m2

N\A (Theater style)

N\A (Round Table)

10- 12 Pax (Block Table)

Here is what you can expect from us to provide to satisfy your needs:

  • Food and Beverage service
  • Full and well-rounded catering service (refreshments\ meals\ snacks)
  • Tables & chairs with cover
  • LCD Projector
  • Full sound system (speakers\microphone\ controller)
  • Stationary and presentations needs (Files\ Pens\ Paper\ Flip chart\ Markers)
  • Internet connection
  • More requirements can be arranged upon request

Contact us for a fruitful and well-organized event.

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